Stephan Anstey • Valerie Borgal • Jeff Clark
Amanda Frankland • David R. Jones • Aline Lotter
Ruth Naylor • Florence Parlangeli • Miriam Perkins
Denise Rainis • Dan Rocha



Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 6 PM
Sunday 12 - 4 PM

It is the mission of the Arts League of Lowell to be a community of artists of all expressions, to encourage mutual support, facilitate the sharing of knowledge, and provide a unified voice for the arts.

In a city whose motto is "Art is the handmaid of human good" the Arts League of Lowell has become the catalyst for the creation of a community of all artists. Through ALL, longtime residents and Lowell's new cultural immigrants can come together to share ideas and resources, and to promote each others' work.



ALL Gallery: Art in the Cemetery Reception

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