Solo Fronteras
Without Borders
Collage Works by Raquel Bauman
Solo Fronteras
September 15 - October 10, 2021
Reception: Saturday, October 2, 3-5 pm

Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 4 PM


Collage works by Raquel Bauman

My mother brought her ideas, her LANGUAGE and traditions and books with her when she married my dad, left her family in what is now called Mexico to join him in a place now called Houston. The printed pieces of paper in some of my works are from her books.
She brought Guillermo Shakespeare, Cervantes, and Juana Inez de la Cruz to the Second Ward, a Chicano barrio in Houston. Her white silk and lace wedding dress, the seed bead decorated China Poblana skirt and her books were held in her chifferobe, part of the bedroom furniture set my dad bought for his bride. She brought a love of language and reading and learning and pride in her heritage. By accident, on purpose of by fate, the lessons she shared were about “fronteras” and threads, doors that one can open, windows through which one can see, rather than limits or boxes or borders.

The way water creates infinte shades as color in one piece of tissue paper bleeds into another is the effect. KNOWLEDGE IS ITS OWN UNSTOPABLE AUTHORITY, THE WALLS WE CREATE NOT WITHSTANDING!! Juana Inés de la Cruz stated “No estudio para sabe mas’ sino para ignorar menos.” (1648-1695).


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