Valerie Borgal • Joe Clement • Anita Helen Cohen
Michael delaVega • Alexandria Drouin • Margaret Femia
Sarah Goor • Haroon Khimani • Michael Lichtenstein
Janet Lambert Moore • Lisa M. Perkins
Gayle "Visentine" Reynolds • Coleman Rogers • Laurie Simko Deena Stallard • Gwen Stith • Janet Wolahan



Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 6 PM
Sunday 12 - 4 PM

It is the mission of the Arts League of Lowell to be a community of artists of all expressions, to encourage mutual support, facilitate the sharing of knowledge, and provide a unified voice for the arts.

In a city whose motto is "Art is the handmaid of human good" the Arts League of Lowell has become the catalyst for the creation of a community of all artists. Through ALL, longtime residents and Lowell's new cultural immigrants can come together to share ideas and resources, and to promote each others' work.



Arts League of Lowell Annual Appeal

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